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Welcome to the Sisterhood!

Just a reminder: You are a woman of God! When we interact, let's remember that we love Jesus and let our words be sweet like honey and a healing balm for the broken. We want this Sisterhood to be a... (More)

Leadership with Pam Smith & Melanie Resendes

Girls, how about that conversation with Pam and Melanie?! So good! I love those women 💕 We want to hear from you too...

  1. While I’ve had many, one of my challenges I face in leadership often is leading confidently. What... (More)

Just Focus...

How did your time focusing on Jesus go today? If you want to share, we want to listen!

What is He teaching you?

Where is He leading you?

What is He showing you?

How can we partner with you as... (More)