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Guest Contributor Articles
Guest Contributor Articles
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Here’s where we will talk about all our guest writer’s articles on the website! 


Leadership with Pam Smith & Melanie Resendes

Girls, how about that conversation with Pam and Melanie?! So good! I love those women 💕 We want to hear from you too...

  1. While I’ve had many, one of my challenges I face in leadership often is leading confidently. What... (More)

Our Identity Crisis

How much did you love Lori’s article?

What did she say that resonated with you the most?

Has there ever been a time in your life when your life wasn’t going as planned, but God had something better in... (More)


Want Joy? You've Got to Remain in the Vine! - Tina Craighead

Have you read Tina's article yet? Check it out:

Here is a little conversation starter from Tina...

In the blog, I talked about those little foxes that come to steal and kill and destroy our vineyard. Let’s take that... (More)


The Essence of Worship - Shana Strange

Shana shares about a time recently when she was leading some pretty intense worship multiple times per week for a prayer room ministry when God called her to leave something good for something better and worship him in a different... (More)