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After the Fire

Here's the link to the article:

Leadership is hard and when we fail as leaders, it can be crippling. But here a couple things to remember...

Failure is an event, not a person.

Failure does not define you, degrade... (More)


Books & Babies

1. What is your "book" and have you said it out loud yet? Is it still a secret or do you have some people cheering you on, encouraging you, pushing you, and giving an account for your ability in this... (More)


Worship is Warfare

Think about the battle you face right now. Is your first instinct to figure it out yourself? To come up with your own battle plan? Or is it to rush to God immediately like Jehoshaphat did?

Ask yourself this right... (More)



How are you handling the pandemic personally? Is it hard to see the good right now? What emotion is ruling your heart today? Grab your Bible, PRAY and ask God to speak to you right now, THEN read Romans 8:28.... (More)