Hello, Beauties! I just was sitting down to do a little writing and thought I'd stop over here first to check in on y'all. I want you to know, I'm praying for you tonight. By name. Yes, you! If you have something specific I can continue to lift in prayer on your behalf, would you let me know?

One thing I'm praying for tonight is that God would continue to grow this community, that women who are hiding in the dark would step into the light and be met with sisters, arms wide open, and ready to pour on love and grace, and that new, deep, lasting friendships are forged here in the sisterhood.

Jesus, our brother, redeemer, friend, and savior - would you do what only you can do tonight? Would you wrap up in your arms those sisters who need to be held tonight? Would you nudge and remind those sisters who have been in one place for too long to keep moving forward? Would you open our eyes to areas in our lives that you are ready to bring victory into - the ones where we are stumbling, struggling, and sinning? Thank you for the victory, Jesus! Thank you for the freedom, Jesus! Bring to mind even now, Lord, the women who need to be seen and remembered, the ones who are aching for connection and sisterhood. We will be obedient to reach out in love.

You are good. You're always good. You are faithful. You're always faithful. We trust you. We praise you. We thank you. Amen.