Here's the link to my article: The Question of Joy

Here's the link to the article I mention: Where Is the Joy?

Much of my article, The Question of Joy, is about Job's suffering, his questions, and God's answer. Not exactly where I expected to end up when I began writing an article about JOY. So if you are not familiar with the book of Job, take the time to read it. 

So much suffering. When all was stripped away from Job, he still turned to God. He questioned God. His questions revealed that he expected more from God. 

Have you ever had the audacity to question God when things are falling apart all around you? 

Where do you go for answers? Do you feel like you are just throwing your words up into thin air or do you sit with the questions waiting? 

Job asked his questions and God answered him with more questions. Why? What do questions cause us to do? 

In my article, I set forth the premise that our joy is tied to our sense of security. Where we find our security is where we find our answers. 

In John Chapter 15, Jesus told His disciples they would find JOY by staying intimately connected to Him. When we abide in Him we are placing our trust in Him...we are SECURE in HIm. I believe this all ties together. What do you think? 

I will ask you as I asked my self, where are you looking to find that sense of security...of being held, being heard, being loved, and carried through the storm?

Remember...God will answer you out of your storm because He is with you IN the storm.