Think about the battle you face right now. Is your first instinct to figure it out yourself? To come up with your own battle plan? Or is it to rush to God immediately like Jehoshaphat did?

Ask yourself this right now: Have I been on my face before the Father seeking him out? 

What is your emotional response to trial?

Ask yourself this right now: Have I been weeping or rejoicing in my trial? Have I been declaring or despairing in my trial?


Personally, I struggle with wanting control over a situation - even with giving up control to the Lord. I know it’s silly, but I find myself worrying about the outcome if I don’t fight the battle myself.  What about you? 

Ask yourself this right now: Do I believe that God has a spoil of riches for me to receive through the battle I am facing now once I let Him fight for me?


So what about you? Are you inclined to go to praise God like a madwoman while HE fights your battle or do you find yourself trying to get into the fight?