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Asked a question 4 months ago

What are you hoping to get out of this online community? What are you hoping to GIVE to this online community?

Where am I?

In Pretty & Wise you can ask and answer questions and share your experience with others!

Connection. Sisterhood. To have this safe place to come and share our stories, to have them heard and validated by other hear the words, "You too?". All of this will bring about a strong bond of sisterhood. 

I hope to be able to help model what  the Titus 2 women are told, " teach what is good." In my writing and in my comments I hope to encourage others to go deep into the depths of God's Word, to be captivated by the riches of God's love and grace, and to live out the calling that He has placed on their lives. 

I am hoping to get and give community, support, encouragement, and hope as we all continue on the journey and path God has planned for us. 

I am looking forward to establishing friendships and community, to being encouraged and encouraging others, to learn more about the word and my God, to having an optimistic, uplifting community instead of an echo chamber of complaints. I am looking forward to the ability to uplift and minister to others, to share my story in order to help others feel less alone, to hear their stories and love on them! I know this community is going to be so amazing!

I am hoping to get sisterhood, support, and encouragement out of this community. I don't want it to seem like another thing I feel like I have to do. I want it to be uplifting to me - and I think it will be! 

I am hoping to GIVE all the same things to other women. I think that filling others with encouragement and sense of community will be what makes this successful. I look forward to getting to know everyone who participates!