I saw this reflection on Passover and Holy Week and how it relates to the time we are living in. I thought I would share- I found it on the Facebook page of the Piano Guys-

I try to keep this page light and satirical, because Lord knows, we could use it. But, in lieu of Passover beginning tonight, here’s my non-denominational Passover 2020 thought. The central message of the traditional meal is that each generation must personally feel themselves as slaves delivered unto freedom.

For 48 years, I really have tried, but I never fully understood in my soul what that could possibly feel like. That is, until this year.

We are shut and locked in our homes, slaves to a thing more powerful than any Pharaoh. I feel it in my soul now, what it is like to be helpless, powerless and in no control of any immediate future. Scared for my children, scared for my family, scared for my friends, scared for humanity. Let my people go.

And yet, we will be delivered. We have our Moses. Moses is every nurse you see. Moses is every doctor you see. Moses is every pharmacist, every food store employee, every policeman, every firefighter, every EMT, every janitor, every garbage man, every essential worker. These are the ones who are our Moses in 2020. They will lead our deliverance unto freedom through this plague.

And the miracle of the Red Sea is the miracle of love and unity that we can see in each other’s eyes. Whether we are family, or on opposite ends of the earth. But this is an ironic miracle. This dividing of the Red Sea is not a divide at all - it is the UNIFYING of humanity that will lead us through these dangerous waters. The sea then will collapse on the hatred and enmity the world has been building, and then the sea will drown it.

We mix our bitter herbs with sweet fruit. We are locked in our home, yes, but we are with the ones we love.

Yes. Each generation must personally feel themselves as slaves delivered unto freedom. I finally feel it in my soul, and I know that we will walk through these dark roads and waters being led by our Moses, and we will find ourselves across the Red Sea, safely, and in freedom, TOGETHER...